Give a gift that matters, support independent journalism this holiday season!

24. December 2021

It was the time of the year to appreciate our business partners and we opened the topic of Christmas cards and gifts.

Cards, wines and tech gadgets are really nice to receive but what if we found something which would actually mean something more than a short-term pleasure? We've brainstormed, suggested a few ideas, while keeping in mind that we have a digital DNA and work with great media outlets and organizations supporting media development.

And then it hit us - let's invest our time and money into something more valuable. So we decided to support freedom of speech and stories that matter. Our Christmas-gift budget was evenly split into donations for the selected NGOs supporting investigative journalists.


Who we supported and why?

When choosing the organizations we applied three main criteria:
🌶️ They need to be non-profit organizations
🌶️ They were chosen from the countries, where the most of our clients come from
🌶️ They cover different focus areas and activities (e.g. delivering anti-corruption news, reporting on the abuse of power, educating journalists, supporting regional media outlets and others)

Investigatívne centrum Jána Kuciaka (Slovakia)
Ján Kuciak was a Slovak investigative journalist, who was murdered with his fiance at their home in 2018. The last article he was writing was about the activities of the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta connected to the Slovak political elites. The centre ICJK is now focused on revealing organized crime activities, corruption, money laundering and drug activities in Slovakia.

Nadační fond nezávislé žurnalistiky (Czech republic)
It was established in 2013 after a media crisis in Czechia, when the main dailies were acquired by Czech oligarchs and independent news were threatened. Now NFNZ puts a great emphasis on strengthening independent and analytical journalism in Czechia, supports independent media projects, organizes conferences and workshops and many other activities.

Direkt 36 (Hungary)
Direkt36 is a non-profit investigative journalism centre in Hungary with the mission to expose wrongdoings and abuse of power through fair but tough reporting, a kind of journalism that is vital for any democracy. They provide the Hungarian and international audience with in-depth accountability reporting that most of the Hungarian media outlets do not have the resources to pursue.

Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation (Poland)
Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation promotes media freedom and integrity in Poland and focuses on developing independent journalism through broadly understood educational and cultural activities.

Pod črto (Slovenia)
Pod črto covers a broad spectrum of topics including economic development and entrepreneurship, social and environmental issues with the mission to comprehensively explain the pressing issues in the society, as well as finding the ways to address and resolve them.

Media Development Foundation (Ukraine)
MDF works with journalists, newsrooms, civil society and public officials in Ukraine and Eastern Europe to help build stronger civil societies in post-authoritarian and low press freedom states by training journalists, promoting high ethical and professional standards, raising media literacy and supporting the development of a sustainable business ecosystem.

Noteworthy (Ireland)
Noteworthy is a platform to help fund the type of in-depth journalism that the public wants to see. Their model is that the public sends ideas on what they want to see investigated and Noteworthy figures out how best to tell these stories and finds funding for the projects.

If you like this idea, we encourage you to think of it as "open-source" = feel free to use it, redistribute it or modify it. If you know of other non-profit journalism organisations which deserve our donation, please let us know and we'd be happy to add them to the list in the future.

From all of us at FatChilli THANK YOU for making 2021 great! We're moving forward in the direction that we enjoy, working on reasonable and impactful projects and we're looking forward to the challenges of 2022!