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Or go beyond ad revenue.

Monetization solutions for small and large publishers alike

Are you an Adsense user?

Simply get more than what AdSense has to offer

Do you use programmatic solutions?

We have solutions to far exceed your expectations

Do you want to go beyond ad revenue?

We can help you to diversify your revenue

One-stop shop for digital publishers

Tailor-made tech and consulting services for your online publishing business


Monetization through programmatic advertising

Web development and Core Web Vitals Optimization

Subscription and Marketing automation

Web analytics and Business intelligence

UX and Conversion rate optimisation

Business consulting
(in cooperation with our partners)

We bring e-commerce mindset into digital publishing

We help you to fully understand your readers, identify new opportunities for growth and maximise your results with innovative and effective solutions.

and experience

  • Established on the market
    since 2002
  • Full-stack tech-biz team
  • Hundreds of successful
  • More than 1000 monetized
    domains on three continents

Cutting-edge technologies

  • Our own ad-tech tools
  • Web and classic software development
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Marketing and subscription automation
google certified publishing partner

We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner

We provide access to numerous optimization options of AdManager 360

We are a co-developer and an integration partner of REMP together with Dennik N

Case study:

„When redesigning, we gave FatChilli free hands with experimenting. Today I am happy to say that this experiment has been successful. We are still in touch and looking forward to working on other innovative solutions."

Miroslava Kernová / CEO at

+ 250%

average cpm

+ 94%

web vital metrics increase

+ 110%

indexed pages in Google

Simply earn more. Let us take you beyond
the AdSense limits.

What you get:

Advanced settings not available through AdSense

Get full control over the monetization of your content

  • Price floors settings
  • Lazy loading ads
  • Waterfall management
  • Google AdManager integration

Access to the advertisers not available in AdSense

We provide access to an inventory of advertisers offering higher CPM than in Adsense.

  • AdExchange inventory
  • Header bidding
  • Open bidding
  • Private deals

Tailor-made project recommendations

Each project is unique. And we've had hundreds of them. We’ll provide you with tips and tricks tailored to your web.

  • Individual approach
  • Years of know-how








Implement revenue-generating ad units which you don't find in AdSense

FatChilli ads
is free of risk
free of charge

Don't risk
losing out on revenue

If we don't sell the impressions at
higher price, we simply
revert to AdSense


Just input our fast
optimization code to the web
and start earning


We give you access to
FatChilli client zone
with live reports
on your ads

"At, we’re running a number of different FatChilli units, both video and display, over all device types, and they’re all among our top eCPM earners. It’s my pleasure to recommend FatChilli to other content websites.“

Charles Strauss / Online Advertising Manager at ArcaMax

Allow us to dazzle you
with the treasures of programmatic advertising

“Can you really do that?!” This is the typical reaction of our clients.

We are true ad-ops nerds. Our knowledge base suprises even specialists from big publishing houses.

Learn about the possibilities you didn't know existed

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner we have the most up to date know-how at our disposal that is not readily available to the public – and we want to put this knowledge to good use to enhance the results of your programmatic.

We develop our own optimization technologies

We have programmers fully dedicated to the development and maintenance of tools solving tasks above human power.

Explore FatChilli
technologies for
programmatic advertising

Get innovative tools included in ProTag - our library offering ad revenue optimization features

Explore revenue diversification from a broader perspective

Let us find new opportunities for your project

Infinite possibilities and not enough time. What brings the value and what is a waste of your time?

  • Target audience analysis
  • Data reports
  • New products design
  • New conversion points

We'll fine tune your product for your audience to love it

Who are your readers and why are they loyal?

  • Website usability analysis
  • Page load and web vitals
  • Quality content identification
  • New traffic sources

Audience engagemnet and readership loyalty tools

We'll integrate tools to work with your audience more effectively.

  • Newsletters and email marketing
  • Subscription system
  • Advanced data collection settings 
  • Transparent reporting for your team

“FatChilli has helped us through marketing consultations, especially through asking the right questions and giving the right advice, too. I appreciate Fatchilli's friendly and helpful approach.”

Gábor Boros / CEO at Refresher

Start growing
with FatChilli today

FAQ about FatChilli ads

Good question! :)

Your yield depends on several factors:

  • visitor segment (age, gender, country, ...)
  • web content (important for category-targeted campaigns, keywords ...)
  • source of traffic (direct, organic, social…)

Organic traffic has better results than e.g. traffic from social networks. This is due to the fact that in organic traffic the visitor is looking for a specific thing, solution, problem. Desktop traffic has better results than mobile traffic, as the ad space on desktop is larger and more visible. Also, you can expect better numbers for a thematic website than for a more universal one.

We don't know the exact numbers in advance, but you will see the approximate numbers yourself during the first 3 days. 

You can use the 7-day trial period to find out how the Ads by FatChilli pay off. It's easy, risk-free and commission-free.

Yes, we offer you the option of a 7-day trial period, during which you keep 100% of your revenue and don't pay us any commission.

If you are not satisfied, you can end our cooperation at any time by simply removing the codes from your website and paying your earnings (even if it does not reach the minimum of €100).

By the 15th of the month, you will receive an email confirming the final amount of your earnings for the previous month. You will also find our billing information in the email, so that you can issue us an invoice.

The invoice will be paid according to the NET30 rules.

The minimum amount of payment is €100. If this amount is not reached, it is postponed to the next month. Payment options are either bank transfer or PayPal.

You will get access to our interface to check your earnings at any time.

  1. You send us your webpage benchmark data
  2. We send you a form to fill in, where you'll enter your billing details. Terms of cooperation will be included, too.
  3. You update your ads.txt so that we can purchase inventory on the web
  4. You place the ad code on your website.
  5. We send you access to our interface, where you can see how your revenue is growing.

Common categories of unwanted ads are automatically blocked. If you see an unwanted ad on your site, copy the URL and send it to [email protected].

No, you don't need an active AdSense account.

Basically, we offer programmatic solutions to websites that have at least 10 000 pageviews per month.