AdSense is nice and easy.

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bring higher revenue?

Explore 7 good reasons to monetize with AdExchange instead of AdSense.

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As a Google Publishing Partner, we provide you direct access to the AdExchange, managing your inventory and bringing more revenue than AdSense.

Seven Good Reasons to Monetize
with AdExchange Instead of AdSense

First, some brief Google definitions:

So what makes the difference?

1) Access:

Masses vs. Exclusive

Compared with Adsense, Google is very restrictive of their AdExchange. Fortunately for you, FatChilli can let you in.

2) Amount of Advertisers:

Ad network vs Ad exchange

AdSense is ad network displaying ads only from Google Ads. AdExchange is RTB ad marketplace with hundreds of advertisers bidding higher.

3) Optimization:

Simplicity vs. Possibilities

AdExchange allows you to set CPM Floor Prices, AdSense does NOT. When combined with FatChilli’s artificial intelligence, miracles becomes real!l!

4) Inventory Management:

Powerless vs. Powerful

You place the AdSense tags on the page and hope for the best. With AdExchange (& DFP) we can run Direct campaigns, close Preferred Deals or use advanced Filtering & Blocking.

5) Video Ads:

Unicorn vs. Standard

Have you ever tried video ads in Adsense? It’s difficult if even possible. With FatChilli you’re enjoying higher revenue from video ads even without video content beginning day one.

6) Risks:

Auto-responder vs. Human

In case of unintentional violations, AdSense shuts your account down. In AdExchange we can resolve any issue directly with Google.

7) Reporting:

Subtle vs. Comprehensive

AdSense provides standard reporting to let you observe what’s happening. AdExchange allow us to analyze, act & evaluate.

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A business strategist, an ad network specialist and a UX designer all walk into a bar… this isn’t a joke!

Jaro Janko

Daniel Novak
Head of Business Development

Matt Borko
Head of Customer Success

In today’s world of internet business, the one obstacle that separates the winners from the losers is who can monetize their content the best. We have heard a lot about the toughest monetization challenges from our friends, colleagues, and even our competitors and we decided to make a fat, spicy solution for everyone.

FatChilli aims to make the entire process more efficient and less stressful for today’s creator. We want them to do what they do best: create top-notch content. It is difficult to create in the online space while being distracted and confused by SEO, adblockers, and the best way to work with Google’s resources. We handle the business, you handle the content creation. It’s that simple.

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