Additional units in your report

30. July 2021


As a FatChilli publisher partner you certainly have access to the FatChilli reports interface. Depending on your partnership it is either at or

In the “Reports” section, you can generate a report by ad units, which will show you earnings and other relevant statistics by individual ad slots that have the possibility to make ad requests and display ads on your page.

By default, this report shows you statistics for ad units that you have placed directly in your website code. However, in some cases, your report will also show you ad slots that are not placed directly in the website code.

These slots are managed by FatChilli and are placed automatically, based on some decision making algorithms with the goal to increase revenue with minimal impact on user experience and site performance.

Types of additional slots that you can find in your dashboard are:

A) Ads with prefix “auto-” (for example “auto-header”) - These ads are placed into your website automatically to increase your revenue. Auto ads don’t have 100% coverage, but they have better CPM. Read more about auto ads in this article: Auto Ads

B) Ads with prefix “t-[number]-” (for example “t2-sticky-bottom”) - These slots are used for A/B testing. Both slots (original and slot with “t-[number]-” prefix) are situated at the same position on the website. The user will only see one ad from the A/B test at the same time. They are used to test additional functionalities and are grouped to one placement. The original slot scrapes original data which are used to recalculate the metrics of A/B test. Based on the results these slots can change their behaviour. Keep in mind that data of each tested slot should be understood differently.