A new way to monetize your premium content besides subscription – Fatchilli Web Reward Ads

17. August 2021

Fatchilli Web Reward Ads (Public Beta) are only available with protag library version 1.2.1 and higher.


As a Google Partner, FatChilli has recently released a new product called “FatChilli Reward Ads” which can be easily implemented on all websites using premium content.

The main idea is to give publishers the opportunity to lock a part of their premium content without implementing paid subscription - which, for many publishers, is not easy. They might lack resources, know-how, quality content and users that are willing to pay to see this content.

FatChilli Reward Ads gives publishers the option to unlock their content as a “reward” to their visitors. More specifically, the visitors would get access to a premium article in exchange for their time - the time it takes to watch an advertisement video.

If you are a publisher that sustains high quality content and can’t integrate subscriptions to lock it up, you are welcome to try our “FatChilli Web Reward Ads” solution.

How can I apply for the “FatChilli Web Reward Ads”?

  • This product is still in its beta version. Ask your Account manager and they will send you a form to fill out.
  • Your Account manager then checks all data for you and if you meet the conditions they will put you in the “FatChilli Web Reward Ads” waiting list.
  • As soon as everything is approved for you we will contact you with all the specifics needed to implement “FatChilli Web Reward Ads” on your website.

Apply now to see if you meet the requirements for a beta version of “FatChilli Web Reward Ads” 

Who can apply for “FatChilli Web Reward Ads”?

Websites that create high-quality content for a long time. Every website will be checked manually to see if they meet the conditions for these ads.

Before asking for approval, make sure your website meets these requirements:

  • clean design,
  • information about the author of each article and accessible author’s pages,
  • contact information about the provider of the website (owner info, contact info),
  • GDPR implementation for EU states and CCPA for California (TCF 2 standard, privacy policy page),
  • historically high quality content with no problems with copyrights - only unique content can be locked

Fatchilli Web Reward Ads can only be used to lock the premium content on websites, never to lock the entire website. FatChilli can disable this feature anytime when we find non-premium content locked with Copyright problems. FatChilli automated system regularly checks every article that uses Fatchilli Web Reward Ads. Manipulating and circumvention of our rules may result in total account loss.

How to implement the “Fatchilli Web Reward Ads”? 

Once your website is approved for "Fatchilli Web Reward Ads" your Account Manager will send you the implementation guide.

How it works:

  • If a reward ad is available, the content is dynamically locked. After a reward from watching an ad is received, the content is unlocked.
  • If no ads are available at the moment the content is unlocked by default.
  • If a user watches an ad and closes the ad before the reward is counted, a button to refresh the ad appears.