Elevate your 2024 ad revenue: Discover the power of Rewarded Web Ads

8. May 2024

Are you a publisher exploring modern ad formats that can boost your ad revenue significantly? The rewarded ads should be on your radar. Read on to learn why rewarded ads are becoming a preferred choice in modern advertising and how you can start benefiting from them.

Origins of rewarded ads: From gaming to publishing

Rewarded ads first made their mark within the mobile gaming sector, revolutionizing how developers engaged users and monetized their offerings. These ads incentivize users by offering them something valuable—such as extra lives, power-ups, or virtual currency—in exchange for engaging with ads. This method not only boosted CPMs significantly but also laid the groundwork for extending these strategies beyond gaming into broader digital environments.

Rewarded ads aren’t just for gamers 

The success of rewarded ads in gaming led to their adoption across a diverse range of digital platforms. Today, digital publishers from various sectors, including lifestyle magazines, file-converting platforms, and even quizzes and image galleries websites, are able to leverage rewarded ads. They offer incentives such as access to premium content, discounts, or services in exchange for viewing an adThis strategic application help achieve both user engagement and monetization outcomes.

Why rewarded ads are a game-changer for publishers

The introduction of rewarded ads marked a significant shift in online advertising, providing publishers with a lucrative alternative to traditional display ads. By enhancing reader satisfaction and engagement, these ads offer a compelling value proposition: a win-win scenario for both publishers and their audiences.

See how others are succeeding with rewarded ads

Rewarded ads examples

Czech news publishers utilizing the Fatchilli configuration of rewarded ads are achieving eCPMs over €25. Moreover, rewarded revenue contributes to more than 20% of the total revenue for the top-performing magazines in our portfolio. Similar results are observed in other geographic regions globally.

Rewarded wall example: Design can be easily modified, CSS, coloring & buttons are styleable to your needs

Why your readers will pay more attention to rewarded ads

Rewarded ads consistently capture readers' attention far more effectively than other ad types. This is reflected in their typically higher eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions), which often surpasses that of even the best-performing display ads. But what makes rewarded ads so effective? Their success lies in the tangible benefits they provide, which drive increased engagement and, consequently, more conversions.

Essentially, rewarded ads present clear incentives, such as rewards or bonuses, in return for reader interactions. This encourages more active engagement with the ad content. Additionally, because these ads are opt-in, readers are more receptive to the message, leading to higher-quality interactions. This not only boosts the likelihood of positive responses but also significantly enhances the ad revenue potential for publishers.

Comparative performance of Fatchilli's Rewarded Ads vs. traditional display ads at the same publisher website

How rewarded ads work: Exchange of time for value

Readers are typically offered the choice to voluntarily watch an ad in exchange for a specified reward. When a reader opts to engage, they must complete certain actions, such as watching a video or interacting with content, before they receive their reward. This "opt-in" approach ensures that readers are genuinely interested in the advertising content, leading to higher engagement rates and a more positive reader experience.

The most common use cases of rewarded ads

Rewarded advertising has found diverse applications across the web, which can be broadly categorized into content-based, tool-based, and gaming scenarios:

  • Content-based rewarded ads provide readers access to exclusive content in exchange for engaging with an advertisement. The simplest example is locking an article, which unlocks after the reader engages with an ad. 
  • In Tool-based scenarios readers can gain access to valuable tools, services, or features by engaging with ads. For instance, actions like converting an image or obtaining a token to download a document.
  • Gaming rewards often give players in-game benefits like currency, power-ups, or other virtual rewards.  For instance, players might unlock a mysterious chest, advance to the next level, or complete a special task in exchange for watching an ad.

Three reasons why rewarded ads excel in revenue generation

Rewarded advertising has become a prominent player in the digital advertising landscape, offering a unique approach to engaging readers and driving conversions. Its success can be attributed to several key factors that set it apart from traditional ad formats.

  1. Advertising demand synergy: Rewarded ads effectively combine with other high-performing ad formats such as interstitial and video ads. This synergy creates a win-win scenario for both advertisers and publishers, leading to increased revenue from these ads.
  2. Extended viewing time: Unlike standard video ads, rewarded ads provide readers with extended viewing times as they choose to opt-in voluntarily. This prolonged engagement allows brands to effectively communicate their messages and make a lasting impression, making rewarded ads an excellent choice for boosting brand awareness and engagement
  3. Limited supply: The limited adoption of rewarded ads on the web offers a unique competitive advantage for early adopters. As we all know, where there is a lack of supply, demand soars.

How to quickly implement rewarded ads on your site 

Implementing rewarded ads is simpler and more efficient than you might expect. If you haven’t explored rewarded ads yet, consider starting soon. A swift setup can typically be achieved with the right technical support. The easiest way to start is by connecting with your account manager.

The implementation process involves adding a straightforward piece of JavaScript code to your site’s header. We handle the rest, ensuring seamless integration. Before you begin, it’s important to determine the most effective placement for these ads on your site to maximize engagement. If you’re unsure, we’re here to help identify the best location. You’ll see that incorporating rewarded ads is easier than you think!

Who benefits most from rewarded ads (Hint: it could be you)

While rewarded ads are beneficial for all publishers, they are particularly effective for websites that produce high-quality content consistently over time.

Please note, rewarded ads are designed to temporarily lock only the premium content on your website, not the entire website. The content is dynamically locked or unlocked depending on ad availability. If a reader engages with an ad but closes it before the reward is processed, a refresh option is made available.

Ready to explore the benefits of rewarded ads?

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