How REMP2020 can help publishers grow subscriber revenue

25. January 2021

FatChilli Media has recently become an integration partner for REMP2020, a marketing automation tool for publishers focused on growing subscriber revenue. In this article we want to introduce REMP and inspire some of you to become more independent and grow your subscriber or donations revenue.

What is REMP2020

REMP, Reader’s Engagement and Monetisation Platform, is a marketing automation tool for publishers that helps them grow revenue from subscriptions and donations. Denník N, a Slovak daily newspaper, wanted to build an independent media funded mostly by subscribers. They also wanted their newspaper to be more than an advertising machine that relies solely on ad revenue. They wanted to do the kind of journalism that requires ruffling some feathers, which can’t be done if there are conflicting financial incentives.

Therefore, they set a goal that most of their revenue was to come from readers. This would allow Denník N to remain truly independent. On the way, they developed a set of marketing tools  that became REMP.

To find out more read the whole origin story of REMP here.

What makes REMP beneficial for me?

To drive home the value of independence, the developers have decided to make REMP open-source. This brings multiple advantages for publishers working with REMP, all of which support their independence.

The main benefits are that you are not locked-in with a vendor, you have complete control over your reader data and you can customize REMP in any way to suit  your needs. Moreover, if a new feature is developed by anyone in the open-source community, you instantly get access to it.

Subscriber growth starts with the right mindset

To effectively grow your subscriber base you need a marketer’s mindset. Get to know your readers and think about a conversion funnel.

The largest proportion of your readers is anonymous. These are the people you can track in Google Analytics but you don’t know their names or anything about them apart from their in-session behavior.

The first step they can take in your relationship is to sign up. This can be a sign-up to read a locked article or a sign-up for a newsletter. At this point you learn the email address of the reader and you get the ability to communicate with them directly. 

The next step is paying for the first time. The reader has several options: to buy access to a single article, a selected category or a time-limited membership. 

The final step is they sign up for an automatically renewing membership and become one of your most profitable readers.

The activities required to successfully guide readers through this funnel are different from the mindset of maximizing ad revenue. To get revenue from subscriptions it is critical to deeply understand your audience, the kind of content they are interested in and how to deliver the content with the most value.

I have the mindset, I need a tool to grow subscriptions

If you have between 10K and 100K subscribers, REMP might be ideal for you. Publishers with less than 10K subscribers need to focus on understanding their audience and how to generate content that has enough value to increase the number of subscribers. If you have more than 100K subscribers, a more mature tool like might be more suitable for you.

Let’s get more into what REMP can actually do for you.

The biggest value of REMP is automating and streamlining marketing tasks which can take up a lot of time otherwise. 

For example, Denník N has more than 200 different newsletters you can sign up for based on categories, authors, and tags. All of these newsletters are created automatically and sent to the right readers with REMP.

Besides, REMP lets you see exactly what content is bringing in new subscribers. You don’t need an analyst to create a report. And you can promote articles that drive the most revenue, not just most pageviews in real-time.

Last but not least,. you can also run on-site promotions to specific segments of readers on your website. Let's say you want to target readers who are on your website for the 3rd time this month and don’t have an active subscription. It’s easy! You just create a segment, customize one of the banner templates, and hit start.

Ok, hold up. How exactly does REMP look on the inside?

REMP is made up of various independent modules. You can use any one of them or all of them. Each of them is useful on its own and together their value is multiplied.

Module 1: REMP CRM

The one place where you can see all customer data including their transactions, articles they read, subscription package and more.

The CRM gives you these powerful abilities:

  • Segmentation
  • Subscription packages management
  • Marketing automation & Scenario builder (see image)
  • Automatic segmentation based on probability of subscribing (via Pythia)

Module 2: REMP Mailer

A complete and robust solution for your email campaigns and newsletters. This module covers everything email related from technical emails to daily newsletters.

With mailer you can:

  • Automate and manage transactional emails
  • Automate and manage unlimited newsletters
  • Personalize email content
  • Send email campaigns to segments created in CRM or Beam

Module 3: REMP Campaigns

Target users on your website when they are most likely to convert into subscribers. Never lose another potential subscriber. 

Campaigns allow you to:

  • Target any segment you create in your CRM or Beam
  • Use a template banner or create one from scratch
  • Advertise any subscription package
  • A/B test creative to see which converts more

Module 4: REMP Beam

Get a complete picture of your website performance. See which articles, authors or categories convert at the highest conversion rate. Create segments based on website behavior.

Beam helps you see:

  • Real-time conversion performance of your articles
  • How large is a segment of people who fit behavioral criteria 
  • Conversion performance by author, category or tag

I need a partner to help me grow

We are one of the top contributors to the source code of REMP. We are among the first global integration partners. We have experience and know-how from working with the creators of REMP, Denník N.

This is what Tomáš Bella, the director of Denník N and the man behind REMP said about us:

“We receive requests from publishers all over the world to see how REMP can help them. Unfortunately, we can’t help all of them, because we have a newspaper to run. Thanks to our partnership, these publishers can now turn to FatChilli Media.”
- Tomáš Bella, co-founder & Director of Denník N

Does REMP sound like a solution that could help you grow subscriber revenue?

Would you benefit from a partner to help you integrate and get the most out of REMP?

Schedule a free 30-minute demo call where you can dive into how REMP is able to  help you grow revenue from subscriptions.

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