FatChilli Reporting App September ‘19 Release

29. August 2019

FatChilli is growing fast in terms of revenue, customers and staff. This gives us an opportunity to add new ingredients to the chilli, improve our service and bring our customers and readers more value.

When you ask, we answer. That’s why, in the last couple of months, we’ve been focusing on the most requested improvements to our reporting app.

We’re happy, then, to report (giggle) that we will release a new version in September!

a sneak peak of what’s coming up

Here is what you can expect:

Look & Feel Improvements

The new app is getting a makeover! Expect reports so clean, streamlined, and visually attractive, you’ll want to sign them up for a beauty contest.

Speed & Performance Improvements

You deserve a speedy, high-performing app and we know Google AdManager API can be super slow. As a result, we’ve begun to store the most high-demand data on our secure servers. Now you can access your most-requested reports in the time it takes to say “Fat Chilli.”


Mobile is the future, so we believe our app should be able to go with you wherever you need it. The new reporting app employs the Progressive Web App (PWA) methodology, which means your reports will load quickly, be accessible on the go, and behave like a native mobile app!

New Dashboard Screen

Out with the old, in with the new. There’s no more need to generate a custom report to see how you’re doing. Now you can check your progress all in one place, which will give you an easy-peasy performance overview--of your site, not the scary kind with your boss (we got you).

Maximize Revenue Growth

Want to increase your revenue? Why do we even ask? It’s now easier than ever, with automated detection of the most common problems that hold you back from full revenue growth potential. The new release will give you helpful tips to improve your worst-performing ad units.

What’s coming up? It's up to you!

We have a lot of new ideas about what features to develop to help you grow and improve. But we’d also like to hear yours. Anytime you feel that there is missing something you really need, use this form to request a feature. Thank you for your collaboration!