Our customers can’t take a break. As a result their revenue has increased and FatChilli has received a Google certification.

1. March 2022

We make our customers yield. They can't take a break and receive constant tips for ad improvements and optimizations from us, because we just enjoy boosting their revenue. Thanks to our shared persistence, their ad revenue is growing and FatChilli has joined the narrow community of the most trusted partners who help publishers make the most of advertising tech, called Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP).

What exactly does GCPP mean?

GCPP is a partner, who has been carefully evaluated by Google and is a trained expert on Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob.  To become a Google Certified Publishing Partner, we had to meet numerous qualification standards. For us it meant that not only we had to improve our services in order to maximize our clients ad revenue, but we needed to gain trust of our partners and add value to their business.

What can FatChilli do for you as a GCPP?

The absolute basics of our work is ensuring sustainable growth and optimizing the revenue of our clients. We strive to audit and analyze your website regularly and suggest placement, sizes and formats of your ads to maximize your revenue thanks to the access to Google's most innovative ad resources and our proprietary technology.

To be more specific, if you are a publisher, we can assist in:

  1. Increasing the viewability of your ads, meaning how visible the ad is, for how long and what impact it has on your readers. The average viewability score of our new clients is at 30% and we manage to get it to 70% on average (which is evaluated as “Super Healthy” by Google metrics).
  2. Decreasing your spam score. We take care of your account's safety, notify you about any Google policy violations with our concrete recommendations for fixing it and keep an eye on your metrics so that you don't lose on your revenue.
  3. Increasing User Experience of your ads for high-end devices.
  4. Optimizing Core Web Vitals so that your website is fast, interactive and shiftless. Core Web Vitals affect your page speed and thus your ad revenue. 
  5. Implementing GDPR & CCPA compliant Cookie consent
  6. Running A/B tests for different ad formats or placements for you to evaluate their performance and earnings, because choosing the right programmatic partner should be a data driven decision.

Is that it? Not at all

We look at your publishing business as a whole and offer comprehensive services to help you grow. We encourage you in your digital way, navigate you in shaping your digital strategy, explore your revenue diversification from a broader perspective and help you become a digital-DNA publisher.

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We support independent journalism, work with other organizations who support freedom of speech and assist in digital growth of independent media worldwide, which was one of the criteria evaluated by Google for receiving the certification.