See your Google Analytics 4 data in a new way: Try our newsroom and audience dashboard for free

We’ve heard it, GA4 is challenging to use. So, we made it easier for you.

Data is king. But how do you cut through the overwhelming data from Google Analytics 4 to find what truly matters for your newsroom?

Inspired by the now-defunct Google News Consumer Insights (NCI), we at FatChilli have developed publisher-focused data dashboards that help you make data-driven business decisions, increase profitability, and build deeper relationships with your readers. With focus on the key metrics for news that are essential for your success.

We have implemented these dashboards for dozens of publishers across Europe to simplify the process of navigating vast data and extracting actionable insights.

And the best part? You can now try our audience dashboard for free.

Transforming GA4 data into actionable insights

Inspired by News Consumer Insights, driven by our research and extensive talks with publishers, we created dashboards that provide insights that you can't find in Google Analytics 4. Designed specifically for YOU, publishers, we highlight the metrics for news that matter most.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge and see detailed descriptions of what you can expect:

Go beyond Google Analytics 4 reports and get a free snapshot of your audience behavior

What you can do with our dashboards

  • Avoid misleading traffic sources reports in GA4 and understand real traffic sources, including uncovering dark traffic and tracking readers from Google Discover.
  • Monitor how your audience loyalty evolves over time. Identify which articles drive reader engagement and which activate new readers. See how your readers move through your content funnel.
  • Evaluate which articles drive key events like newsletter subscriptions, registrations, or donations, and understand the impact of your content strategies on your business. (Note: this insight is not available in the free trial.)

Experience it yourself with a free trial

We're offering you a snapshot of your current audience state for free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a free trial dashboard: Experience a limited-time data inflow showcasing your current audience.
  2. Provide feedback: Help us refine our product by sharing your insights.
  3. Optional upgrade: After the trial period, opt for continuous data inflow and deeper insights with our extended tracking plan.

Sign up now to transform your data into actionable insights

  1. Fill out your details in the form. 
  2. Our team will evaluate if you qualify for the free trial dashboard* and get back to you with the next steps. 
  3. If qualified, we'll prepare a free trial dashboard with your data.
  4. Get an understandable dashboard in Google Looker Studio, plus a comprehensive manual.
  5. We'll schedule a call to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

*Requirements for free trial dashboard:

  • Your current priority is evaluating the impact of your content.
  • You have at least a basic implementation of Google Analytics 4 in place.
  • You can dedicate an hour for a research call (for internal purposes only; your insights will not be shared with third parties).
  • FatChilli reserves the right to determine whether the qualification criteria are met at their discretion.

Not ready to request a free trial? Leave your email address below to receive a clickable demo with anonymized data. If the demo sparks your interest, you can fill out the form later to see how it would look with your data.

An affordable solution for your sustainable growth

We leverage free Google technology and extend the capabilities of Google Analytics 4 with publisher-focused data, making it easier for your entire team to access and understand key insights.

  • Customizable for your needs: Our dashboards are fully customizable, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business.
  • Easy-to-use: Designed to be user-friendly, our dashboards help your team feel comfortable and confident in making data-informed decisions.
  • Comprehensive insights: From engagement and conversion trends to tracking key traffic sources, our dashboards provide a unique view of your audience, which you can't find in GA4.
  • No product license fees: A cost-effective choice for your newsroom.
  • Built on Google stack: Utilizing Google's Big Query and Looker Studio, combined with FatChilli expertise we bring you powerful data insights.

Got questions? Let's get in touch!

Reach out  to Tomas, Data Team Lead at FatChilli. He will gladly explain everything!