AdManager Small Business VS AdManager 360 – FAQ

19. August 2021

The most frequent questions about migration from ADM Small Business to ADM 360

Is migration to ADM 360 necessary?

Actually, it is. The reason is that Google recently ended the SPM program and started a new one called MCM. For small publishers, this change means that DoubleClick Ad Exchange is only available through ADM 360 MCM program.
(more info about the programs: The SPM ends – Are you ready for MCM?)

Will I still have access to the blocking function?

Child publishers will not have access to the blocking/protection tab but your Account manager will. They will set up all the blockages and protection rules for you. This is set up this way because FatChilli manages all protection rules and synchronizes them throughout the whole network.

Will we lose any features?

It depends on the actual settings in your ADM. Our team is ready to audit your ADM and help you with the new set up. ADM 360 includes all the features of ADM Small Business and more, but some of them are managed just by FatChilli.

What new features do we get?

Some of the new features that are available only in ADM 360:

  • Audience tab
  • Leads
  • Forecasting reports
  • Multiplex Ads
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange - MCM program
  • Open-Bidding
  • Master/companion creatives
  • Special ad units
  • All features of ADM 360 are described in the official Google documentation for ADM

Will we get access to the ADM reports?

Publishers with “Direct Orders” can get access to ADM 360 with the “Report” tab.

Will we get access to PMP?

We are unable to give you direct access to PMP (Private Auctions) in AdX. However, your Account Manager will set it up for you upon request. (more info: Admanager private auctions)

Will we get access to the “Sales” tab? (AdX feature)

After consultation with the publisher, we can enable access to the “Sales” tab. The “publisher profile” is created on the marketplace for every publisher individually. A personal Account Manager is available for those publishers to assist with their sales.

How about the access to the Direct orders?

Every publisher that needs to manage his own direct deals will have the “Direct orders” tab available in ADM 360.

Will we be able to manage pricing rules?

No. FatChilli has an internal system on how to manage pricing rules with the aim to set it just right and optimize for every publisher. Although, if publishers need to set their UPRs directly they can ask their Account manager anytime.

Will we be able to use key-values for targeting?

After migrating to Fatchilli ADM publishers are enabled to use page-level targeting. With page-level targeting publishers are given the opportunity to segment their inventory more granularly. Find more information on how to use targeting within our library here: “How tu set cutom key-values”.

What if we need to manage creatives/orders/line items/units on our own?

We will grant you direct access to ADM 360 with the “Direct orders” tab included. This access is protected by NDA.

Will someone else see information about our direct orders?

FatChilli team can see all the data from your direct orders. However, this relationship is protected by the NDA. If needed, more people can be added to the publisher's team to manage their direct orders.

Is ADM 360 free to use?

To most publishers it is, as it is included in our monetization program. Units that cannot be monetized by FatChilli are charged depending on the CPM amount for filled and unfilled impressions.

Find more information on our "FatChilli FAQ" page.